Old Inks

I have enough ink here to last me for several lifetimes. The oldest, I suppose, is the Stephens Blue/Black in the ceramic bottle. It’s excellent ink. The rest are good too with the exception of the Websters Diamine which is faded.

Though those inks don’t have the very bright colours of some modern inks, they are very pleasant and they go very well with the old pens I handle.

7 thoughts on “Old Inks

  1. Love those enormous old bottles. Are there any current ink makers other than Pilot who are producing ink in large bottles? I don’t think so. A pity.

    I was lucky enough to be given (yes! given!) an enormous bottle of Sheaffer Skrip Permanent Blue-Black. I love blue-black ink and the color is wonderful — not too blue, not too black, with lovely shading. It darkens after writing and it’s indeed permanent under water so I suspect it’s iron-gall. I’ve been using it in my vintage Sheaffers, but I’ve also run it through a couple of cheap Chinese pens with no ill effects so far.

    Thank you for the chance to ramble on about old inks. Perhaps you could post some writing samples of these inks someday.

    1. Note Julie’s comment above. I’m surprised to hear that anyone is still making those big bottles of ink. I thought they were just for schools and offices.

      I will try to do some writing samples with those inks when the pens I’m using dry out.

  2. I bought one of those pop bottles full of Pilot Blue-Black. I doubt I’ll ever use it all, but $30 for 350ml o good ink was too good of a deal to pass on!

    I grew up using little else but Skrip BB: the old formula was a wonderful ink.

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