Mabie Todd Swan Leverless L205/62 and L245/62

Though I’ve been writing about quite modern pens recently, my heart lies with the older ones, those from the end of the 19th century up to World War II especially. Those were the years of the development of the fountain pen, and there was a point in there when, I believe, fountain pens became as good as they could be. Which of those pens became the ultimate in design and practicality will vary with your taste. It might be one of the Onotos, the Waterman Patrician, the Wahl Eversharp Doric or some other pen that spells perfection for you.

For me it’s the Swans of the 1930s. I’ve handled many of those pens and everything about them seems just right: the size, the shape, the balance, the wonderful nibs and the sheer grace of the design. Though this may seem like a bold statement it is what I believe: they are the best pens of all. You are entitled to disagree but that remains my belief.

Take that perfection of design and and some of the most beautiful celluloid patterns and you have the fountain pen exemplar.

What beautiful pens!

I wish they were mine but sadly they are not and I have to thank Paul L, collector, restorer and expert on Mabie Todd pens, for these excellent photographs

10 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan Leverless L205/62 and L245/62

  1. I have two black Swans: 3260 and 6260. The first one I use for every day writing. The second which writes a little too fine to my taste, I use for sketching, with sepia Ink.

    Piero Mattirolo sent from my iPad


  2. this 62 colourway makes for very desirable pens, and these two are currently on the FPN forum.
    I have an example of the L245 but with an accommodation clip rather than a ring or riveted sort, and posted a few words to add to Paul’s very informative notes and added a little waffle regarding non-permanent clips.
    Unfortunately, the screen seems to be telling me I can’t add pix to the FPN – so for the time being they will have my text only – mystery since I’ve been posting pix for some time.
    Colour 62 really does need seeing in the flesh – there’s an almost glittering golden sparkle which doesn’t show too well in screen pix.
    But to have two in this colour …………. πŸ™‚

  3. I thought they were Paul’s pens. He showed me them at the Pen Show this morning, along with a massive No8 nibbed eye dropper and the very late Swan Blackbird button fill with matching celluloid section.

  4. It is lovely to see the two versions together, was there also a shorter B version?. I have just picked up an immaculate 205/62 and yes, it is wonderful.

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