That Blasted Award

David kindly commented to me that the award is a scam, designed to harvest subscriptions for their feeds. I was aware of that and I didn’t think much about it. Those interested could ignore the instruction to sign up and just have a look at the list. If there were any blogs in there that interested them they could find them through a search and follow them in whatever way suited them.

I wasn’t surprised that the whole business was a baited hook. That’s how the Internet has been ever since the foolish decision to let business in, back in the early eighties. What did surprise me, though, was the nature of the list of blogs once I got around to having a look at it. Many of those listed are not really blogs at all. They are commercial advertisements. If the posts are along the lines of, “we have this new pen just in and you can buy it for the amazing price of $750,” and the rest of the entry is covered with banner adverts, that’s just not a blog to my mind; for it to be a blog, it shouldn’t be selling anything and it should be sustained original writing.

Just as soon as I can figure out how to do so, that badge is coming off my blog.

Now here’s a pen I know nothing about. My husband says he has a vague memory of the name, which is Scroll, but not of the pen. It’s evidently from the lower end of pen prices and my guess would place it in the fifties or sixties.

The barrel is in not unattractive metallic green and the cap is in that gold-alike plastic that Platignum also used for their very worst pens, the ones that were guaranteed to give you inky fingers.

This one isn’t so bad, though. The folded tip hooded nib does an adequate job and the pen writes quite well. The area where one would naturally grip the pen is quite thick, making it comfortable to use for a prolonged period. It’s not a bad pen and no one can complain about its durability – it’s still here in working condition after something like fifty years and maybe more.

I’m not suggesting that it is a valuable collector’s piece or anything – in fact it’s barely saleable, but it is an interesting example of one of the many cheap pens that people used. It’s a pretty nice writer as well.

7 thoughts on “That Blasted Award

  1. Yes I remember Scroll products from back in their heyday – early 1960s perhaps?; as you suggest they were really a tthe bottom of the heap. In fact I have had a couple that have turned up in mixed lots. They went straight to the bin I am afraid, but then they were not as credible-looking as your example – far from it indeed!

  2. This blog has been in my top ten since I found it. Thanks for all your work. Everything you write is not only informative and succinct, but a real sense of enjoyment comes across too, which is lovely. Coming here is more like a couple of my family members having a chat…!

    Mat Hill

  3. I have a vague memory that they were based in Wimbledon, moving to somewhere like Teddington before being taken over by Scripto in the 1960’s.

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