The Jock Pen Photographs

I wrote about the rather rare The Jock Pen back on 26th June. I said I would add pictures when I had them and here they are. Not unlike a Blackbird of the same period but that’s a beautifully sculpted section!



One thought on “The Jock Pen Photographs

  1. Looking at an entry in Grace’s Guide, for commercial and business data, the following is a brief comment on this Scottish Company

    “1892 William Ritchie and Sons Ltd were Wholesale Stationers and Printers from 1892. At various dates from 1892 until 1958, W. Ritchie and Sons were also:
    – Fancy Goods Importers
    – Publishers of Picture Post-cards and Christmas Cards
    – Specialists in Leather Goods”

    So, substantial stationers and definitely not makers of pens, as you’ve said Deb, and would seem they ceased trading in 1958, or very close to that date.

    They sold something they called ‘Ritewell Social Stationery’ along with the other things you’ve mentioned, and apparently had a London office at 1 Hatton Garden immediately after WW II.
    What the particular attributes of their Ritewell Stationery was, will probably remain a mystery, but
    I agree that sculptured section is attractive.

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