Conway Stewart 570



This is the Conway Stewart 570, a late version of the ever-popular Dinkie. It measures 11.4 cm capped. It hasn’t quite the quality of earlier Dinkies and, indeed, the barrel bears the legend “holder foreign”. I have a vague memory that these pens were made, for the most part, in Germany. The Conway Stewart nib was added and the pen assembled in Britain.
These pens are popularly called “Lumina” because of their luminescent colour and they are very beautiful. The clip is in a most un-Conway Stewart-like arrow form. The section is short and hints at a modern semi-hooded nib, though it doesn’t go quite that far. The nib is small, with quite a lot of tipping material. This example is in excellent condition and may never have been used.
The pen is contained in a very shabby box and on the underside is written “Vanessa Hodge”. I found plenty of Vanessa Hodges in a Google search, including a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, an investment consultant and a soccer player among many others but they all appear too young to have been the owner of a pen made between 1964 and 1972.
I think that if the 570s had been plain self-coloured like many of the other pens Conway Stewart made at that time they would attract very little interest now but the splendid luminescent colouring, which you see on some Continental pens, is their saving and they are quite popular today.


2 thoughts on “Conway Stewart 570

  1. I thought these things were more common a year or so back, but looking at ebay I can presently see one example only, and the price of £80 plus seems higher than I remember – of course whether the sellers achieves that remains to be seen.
    They are unusual I agree – I have one in red, and as the name suggests they really do have quite a luminous and semi-transparent appearance – to the extent that you can to some extent see the internal components.

    do we assume Deb that these smaller 570’s were aimed at the woman’s handbag market, do you think? They don’t have a very manly appearance:)

    Interesting notes, thanks.

    1. “Aimed at the woman’s handbag market?” – “Don’t have very manly appearance” I’m shocked, Paul. How very sexist of you!

      Seriously, if you look back to 15th of December last year, the last occasion on which I discussed Dinkies, I concluded that they, and other miniature pens, were aimed at the female market – or, more likely, at men buying gifts for women.

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