Sad news today. My assistant is not well and is at the vet’s having tests done but it seems likely that the problem is diabetes. Thankfully, much can be done these days but her life will never be the same.

We’ve spent the day researching. One thing that stands out a mile is that there has been a huge increase in cat diabetes in line with the huge increase in the popularity of dry foods. It seems that most of these foods contain a lot of plant material, particularly cereals. Considering that cats are exclusively carnivorous that would seem to be the reason for the diabetes. I checked the packaging of the Science Plan that Smartie lives on and there it is: rice, maize and vegetable oil. No percentage is mentioned but doubtless it’s in large quantity to fill the bag cheaply.

It’s the old story. The providers of these cat foods have loyalty only to their shareholders, not to the cats. I feel a thunderous anger rising. Someone may have their gizzard forcibly removed before I’m done.

This is the second cat of mine that has developed diabetes. When it happened to the first one, injections of insulin were not given for small animals; the only treatment was a dietary one and my poor Lily would not touch the food provided. The outcome, as you may imagine, was a tragic one. She too, was fed Science Plan. It didn’t occur to me then to associate the food with the illness.

I would say if you are feeding dry food to your cat, stop it NOW! Find a food that is composed entirely of meat, or is at least low carbohydrate, high-protein.

4 thoughts on “Smartie

  1. I’m so sorry to learn of Smartie’s illness. Over the past 35 years I have enjoyed living with cats continuously. One in particular was a joy to live with for 17 years. At present there are 2 males both aged 6 months, 1 female aged 10 years and another female aged 12 years.

    All the cats have always been fed name brand dry food with occasional treats of canned food or yogurt BUT the cats were/are also allowed to go outside where the get their naturally balanced protein source: mice, bunnies and birds. That will sound cruel to some, but that is how carnivores should live. And with the exception of spaying/neutering, my cats have never had to see a veterinarian.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that your cats are doing well – long may that last!

      I agree with you that it’s no good being squeamish about cats’ carnivorous natures. That’s the way they are and we have accept it if we love them. My Smartie eats mice and birds too. I wish she didn’t and I’ve even tried fitting her with a bell. She got rid of that in about 30 seconds and buried it in the hedge to make sure I couldn’t find it!

  2. So, so sorry to hear about Smartie. About time someone started a crusade on this front. Big business shouldn’t be allowed to profit at the expense of our beloved pets.
    Why don’t vets take notice? Probably because they also make money out of selling these so called balanced diets! Grrr! Gnash! I hope the treatment now available will be OK to see Smartie healthy again. Does YOUR vet have a view on this situation? Waggibogs from the Devon contingent X

    1. Thank you for your commiserations, Martin. I hope that we will be able to apply the treatment and keep Smartie healthy. She has always been a difficult cat, though and I do see problems ahead. I hope we’ll be able to overcome them.

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