A Little About Little Me


Ten years ago I lived a few miles outside Philadelphia and worked as a legal admin. My hobby was old fountain pens, especially British fountain pens. Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that one day I would live in Scotland and earn my living restoring and selling them.

My husband-to-be lived in the remote north of Scotland and was then a registrar of births, deaths and marriages. His hobby, too, was old fountain pens. We “met” on a site that was about creative writing and it had nothing to do with fountain pens. That was a kind of freaky coincidence.

One thing led to another and we were married in Pennsylvania seven years ago and here we are now 2698 restored pens later (as of today).  So much of what I have learned in detail about British fountain pens has come from shamelessly mining my husband’s brain, and much of our fountain pen business has been a happy collaboration.  On days when I’m feeling lazy and not much like researching a question someone has, all I often need to do is holler out from the den, “Sweetheart, what can you tell me about a Conway Stewart 55?” and faster than a speeding Windows 10 download, I have my answer along with side-notes, personal stories of Pens He Has Known, and generally even which reference book I should be looking in.

So if someone had said “You’ll be living the Pen Life with someone who is as geeky about them as you are,” I would have laughed.  But oh how glad I am that life’s funny turns have led me here.

9 thoughts on “A Little About Little Me

  1. all I can say is that Gordon is a very lucky guy – to have a dishy partner and be able to share equally your passion for pens is more precious than rubies.
    But if he does decide to swop you some time, then I’ll give my Parker VP, Conway Stewart Duro,
    Sheaffer Lifetime in jade and my Sheaffer Targa in rolled gold, but don’t know that I’d go as far as putting ink in them:):):)

  2. .. hoping not too presumptious, but perhaps I can join all those who most enjoy both your postings, and your offerings.

    Thanks to you both .. and join all in wishing everybody the best for 2016.


  3. quote … “”Except maybe four really good Onotos and a Swan with a number eight nib.”” unquote – don’t rush me – I’m thinking:):)

    The last part was a quoted response from Jack Benny – probably back in the ’60’s………. with a (probably unfounded) reputation for meanness, he related how he’d been accosted with the words “your money or your life” …..:)

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