Sheaffer Triumph Sovereign II


Isn’t this a beautiful thing? It’s a Sheaffer Triumph Sovereign II from the nineteen forties, and there’s a matching pencil. I love the Triumph nib – it’s splendidly elegant. I’ve had quite a few over the years but somehow I’ve never kept one. This one is medium but if I should come across one that’s a fine I’ll hang onto it. The honey and black striated celluloid is very beautiful too.
Sadly the box is not quite so smart, despite my best efforts at cleaning it up. It’s strange to find a box that has had a harder life than the pens it contains! Perhaps it was kicking around in a drawer while the pen and pencil were safe on the desk.
Walter Sheaffer was a jeweller before he got into pens and it shows in the quality of the Sheaffer output. This Sovereign II is rather an oddity in one sense: it has the Sheaffer name on the clip and the white dot above it, something that doesn’t occur in any of the other pens, I believe.
Given that I regard the lever filler as a simpler and hence better filling system than either the vacuum fill or the Touchdown, when combined with the Triumph nib it makes for the best pre-1950 Sheaffer, in my none-too-humble opinion, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Sheaffer Triumph Sovereign II

  1. Beautiful pen you got here Deb, along with the mecanical pencil and box. Lever filler “Triumph” are not so common too. I have restaured one (but the vac-fill sort) in the same color recently, they are good pens. “Sheaffer’s” on the clip and a white dot is quite unique for “Triumph” pens, but very common on the Balance. The Sovereign II was filling the gap between non-WD and WD pen at that time. In ’47 the Sovereign became a totally different pen.

  2. Hi Deb, I just got a nice Carmine version of this pen after a few months of ‘hunting’.

    Coincidentally what spurred my searching for this pen was a request from one of my buyers to find him a Sheaffer with the conical Triumph nib.

    I specifically look for a lever-filler with the Triumph nib because I share the exact same sentiment as you do regarding lever vs vacuum filling mechanisms. Just want to write to thank you for that.

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