Pen Rests

For years I’ve been looking, on and off, for pen rests that I can use in my pen photography.  I was aware that Chinese chopstick rests were my best bet, but I didn’t see any that appealed to me.  Those very minimalistic metal ones that you see just didn’t do anything for me.
Last week I spotted these on sale in eBay.  I bid for them and was successful.  They are perfect, shapely and colourful, with a little story in them as well.
There’s a fearsome dragon there and what I take to be a squid.  It might be that the dragon is about to eat the squid but it doesn’t really look like that.  It looks like they are in friendly conversation.  It would be nice to know what they’re talking about but I don’t suppose I ever will.


About goodwriterspens
I restore fountain pens, and used to trade as redripple52 in eBay. I also have my own fountain pen sales website,

2 Responses to Pen Rests

  1. They are delightful, Sue would have leapt on these to go with her Chinese watercolour/character painting equipment. They will indeed make handsome pen displays.

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