Taxes and Shellac

I did my taxes today.  I dread it every year but when I finally get to it it doesn’t take long and it’s not so bad.  It gives you a great feeling when it’s done and no longer hanging over you.  This was not my best year.  Both my husband and I were ill or in hospital at different times and that’s a really big distraction from work.  However, I have a lot of stock to work on and post on the sales site.

I noticed that it’s quite hard to find little bottles of shellac these days, and where you do find it it’s quite expensive.  So I thought I would make a batch, buy some bottles and offer it on the sales website.  I found, though, that it was very difficult – if not impossible – to do this on my sales site as it’s set up now.  There are complications about postage and to rejig the site to accommodate the bottles of shellac would cost me a lot of money which I would probably never get back.  Anyway, I have a whole lot of little bottles of shellac and if you want one just drop me an email at  It’s £3.50 per bottle and postage is included in that price.  N.B. I can only send shellac to UK addresses.

Because last year was the least successful for a while, we were talking over the future of the business today.  We did consider dropping it and doing something else to make a living, but I realised that a life without fountain pen restoration would be completely unthinkable.  Pens are my life.  They fascinate and obsess me and are as much a part of my life as eating or breathing, and you can’t stop doing those things either.  So it looks like I’ll be around for a bit longer.

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