Three Everyday Old Pens

Some inexpensive old pens are featured today.  Two of these pens are quite uncommon, not because they sold in small quantity but probably because people disposed of them rather than carefully putting them away, as they would have done with Swans, Onotos and Conway Stewarts.  Though they don’t appear so often they are probably a better representation of what people used than the more expensive pens.
IMGP1071 IMGP1072
It’s not always the most expensive pens that are the prettiest.  This Platignum looks quite modern but probably dates back to the 1930s.  Though some of the later ones appear with gold nibs, originally Mentmore designed the Platignum to be the least expensive pen on the market with a good steel nib.  This is a good solid button filler.  Strangely enough, it has been fitted with a Burnham nib at some point.  I’ll hang on to it until I get a proper Platignum nib of the right date.
IMGP1082 IMGP1081
This Penplas is a very basic pen.  It’s a lever filler with a folded-tip nib.  There is very little more that one can say about it.  Penplas only existed for a few years in the late 40s.

The Duragold was made by Perry’s of Birmingham, a company with a long history of making dip pen nibs.  I don’t think they made many fountain pens but a later scion of the family went on to make the very successful Osmiroids.
IMGP1088 IMGP1091
These pens have little value but they should not be forgotten.  Hundreds of thousands of people wrote with simple, inexpensive pens like these.

6 thoughts on “Three Everyday Old Pens

  1. One of the best writing pens I’ve ever had was a inexpensive Platignum I bought at a news agents in Kensington NSW some 40 odd years ago. It was very smooth and better to write with than my Mont Blanc. It was cherished until I left it where my then pre-school son found it and put a 90 degree bend in the nib.

    1. That’s a sad story but it does go to show that not all Platignums are bad. I agree with that. My current note-taker is a fine-point lever-fill Platignum and it does the job perfectly well.

  2. That Platignum is a lovely pen, very nice pattern there! I’d snap that up if it ever goes on the block.

    1. It’s a beautiful pen, Lee. I’m not happy with the scratchy Burnham nib that’s in it at the moment. Once I find a better nib for it, it will be going up on the sales site.

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