Conway Stewart 226

I have always found the middle period of Conway Stewart’s production to be the most interesting.  Admittedly, the early eyedropper fillers and Duros are exciting but they are unlikely ever to be seen in the flesh by the average buyer.  The period from 1930, on the other hand, to about 1948 sees the production of a huge number of models in some of the most delightful plastics that Conway Stewart – or any other company – put on offer.
A good example is the 226, which Jonathan Donahaye records as being produced between 1933 and 1946.  At 10 shillings and sixpence it was two shillings cheaper than the more common 286.  The what makes the 226 stand out is the patterns that it came in – marbled sky blue/slate blue/gold, blue rock-face and this one which Jonathan calls marbled burnished copper/gold.
As a slightly cheaper version it has no cap bands which allows for an uninterrupted stretch of this glorious pattern.  These highly colourful pens are not especially common and are quite sought after by collectors.


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