Mentmore Supreme


This one just arrived today.  I haven’t even given it a little polish so excuse the dust.
Mentmore – apart from the very last ones – are often hard to date, I find.  I know that the Supreme was introduced in 1940 and was one of the few models still on sale during the war years, but whether it was in quite this form or not I can’t say for sure.
It’s a nice pen and I would have said it was in “New Old Stock” condition had it not been that the clown who sold it to me sent it full of ink which sadly stained the box and papers.  The pen has clearly not been used and still retains its sales sticker for the price of 13 shillings and sixpence (including tax).
It’s a sturdy pen of a good size at 13.6 cm.  It has some rather nice features, like the transparent barrel end and the “stacked coins” cap band.
I sometimes feel that Mentmore is rather overlooked compared with the market leaders like Onoto, Conway Stewart and Swan.  Perhaps this is partly because the quality was variable, but their better models, like this Supreme, are very nice pens indeed.

4 thoughts on “Mentmore Supreme

  1. Hi goodwriterspens
    I have a mentmore fountain pen with a lever on the side to fill it, can you help me to find a sac that holds the ink please ? As It arrived without one. I am new to collecting pens and want them to use.
    Thanks Janet

    1. If this is the only pen that you’re going to repair I would suggest sending it to a good repair person. If you’re going to be repairing more pens I would suggest getting a selection of sacs which you can get here: However, that’s not all you will need. Do a search on my blog for pen repair and you’ll get an idea of what you need. The sac you will need for the Mentmore is 16 or 18.

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