Lamy Al-Star 2015 Limited Edition

Well, that’s the first part of the festivities over though the Hogmanay shenanigans is still to come.  I enjoy Christmas and New Year but they do break my routine and it’s hard to get back into it.  Here I am, trying to throw off the sloth of the past few days.

I see that Lamy is bringing out a new Limited Edition for 2015, in Copper Orange and black, just the colours of my Laverda Jota motorcycle of nearly 30 years ago.  It was a mighty three cylinder 1000 cc beast that gave vent to a stuttering roar when it was on song.  Fond memories, and how did it become so long ago?

Fancy that, a Limited Edition Lamy Al-Star!  Though it has many admirers, the Al-Star is the kind of cheap pen that you carry in your pocket and don’t grieve too much if you lose it. Lamy Al-Stars and Safaris don’t work for me; they just don’t fit my hand, somehow.  They are good pens for the price but they hardly lend themselves to the bombast of the Limited Edition!


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