Nib Repair

I had an email from Carlos Garcia of which I reproduce in full here as it may be of use to some of you.



Hello i’m Carlos Garcia, head of the company (Spain)

Goldnibs specializes in the repair and restoration of nibs both modern and ancient.

Our customers are professionals and collectors around the world.

With the hope that we can start a future professional collaboration, I am waiting for your feedback.

Our services are:


“Standard”: 40€ F (Fine), M (Medium), B (Broad).

 “Special”: 45€ XF (extra-fine), OM (Medium Oblique), OB-(Oblique Broad) and Stub.

“Others”: 60€ In points: Double Broad (2B), Triple Broad (3B) and oblique variants.

“Bespoke”: See you to your specific case.

Regrind to a smaller size: 30€ (starting from an existing point) example M to F, or B to M.

Geometry of the nib: 20-60 € (repair of a nib that dropped or hit with impaired tip). The price depends on the complexity of the repair,it might be from a small alignment of teeth to a deeper setting with fire, hammer and anvil double head.

Cracks and “Hair lines”: Ask, they happen on vintage nibs, frequently on flexible ones; repair complexity depends on the size of the crack, its location and whether it affects the engraving. Would greatly facilitate the work, if you send us a photo with details of the fault repair.

Ink-flow adjustment: 15 to 25€ For when ink-flow stops after a short intesive use, or conversely, to reduce the flow when it leads to ink drops dripping during writing.

Nib smoothing: 15€ (This price is eliminated if the work is combined with other repair)


Hard-rubber cleaning: 65€. Hard-rubber oxidation is eliminated using non-abrasive techniques, includes sac replacement, inner cleaning and writing test.

Tuning: 30€. Includes cleaning of the exterior of the pen, sac replacement, inner cleaning of the nib and feed (and the ink reservoir, if applicable) and a writing test It does not include any repair. If any problem is detected during disassembly we would ask the owner for permission to repair it.

Electrolytic baths. Coating of gold and other precious metals: Ask. Refurbishing of clips, rings, etc with electrolytic baths in gold, rhodium, silver are billed according to surface area and the need for repairs or additional assembly and disassembly.

Welds: Ask. Price depends on material: steel, gold, silver, etc as well as the associated necessary repairs.

Seals: Ask. Seals for piston filling mechanisms.

All our services are performed within a maximum of 10 business days after we receive the nib or pen.

If you send us more than 5 nibs will save 10%

If you send us more than 10 nibs will save 20%

Shipping free for you.

This service is an added value that does not have many professions in Europe and would be happy to deal with you.

Thank you very much and remain at your disposal to answer any questions you have.

Carlos García 



4 thoughts on “Nib Repair

  1. Hello Deb,
    Happy Christmas!
    I have used Goldnibs twice and both the work and the value were excellent. The first job was a retip to a vintage flex nib and the second crack repair to a music nib. I certainly recommend them.
    Kindest regards

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