2 thoughts on “New Uploads (A Short Poem)

  1. Hello Deb,
    Many congratulations on your new website. Unfortunately, for some reason I have been having trouble trying to open your sales website. I tried on my Macbook and then on a windows computer. Once on the windows it opened but was quite slow while everything else was working fine. I am not sure if it is my computers which are misbehaving or if the site is down for maintenance. I don’t know if you have any more reports with regards to this trouble.

    By the way I enjoyed your articles on the modern pens, and based on your review I ordered a Monteverde stealth with stylus which seems a good idea rather carrying another stylus. Andy’s pens stock them but not this particular version so I should be getting it from US through ebay. The black matt black model appeared quietly elegant. The Visconti and other more expensive pens would never suit me even if I had loads of money to buy the diamond studded models because they are too ostentatious to be anything but pieces of jewellery to me. I buy pens to write with them whether new or vintage.

    While exploring the Monteverde site I came across another phenomenon of which I was completely unaware, that is the ink ball pens. They are rollerballs which take cartridges or convertors hence I can use my fountain pen ink. There are more expensive manufacturers than Monteverde which make these as well and, on the other hand, cheaper models made by Noodler’s and J Herbin are available as well. This begs the question why I need such a pen when I can actually use a fountain pen? In the line of my job, running around the hospital, often using the fountain pen gets a little impractical along with the fact that people borrow the pen now and again. So I use cheap ball points which I never like using. But this would be a compromise albeit the cheaper J Herbin metal model which I have acquired for this purpose is nowhere as good as a fountain pen, and is small and heavy (perhaps I should have gone for the much cheaper but clearly a more fragile plastic model as it is small and you need to post the cap to write which means the wrist aches after a while). But it does write OK for the type and price with a fine line which means I can make small notes which are not possible with medium tips sometimes. This means that bottles of Noodler’s inks which I have hoarded over the years ( I use these because I don’t want to use washable ink in hospital records) can be used more frequently.

    Perhaps you may want to look into the world of “ink balls” when you have time. Your informed opinions are always greatly welcome and a source of knowledge.
    Best wishes and Kind regards,

    1. Hi Mehdi,
      yes, there are still a few glitches with the sales website which we are working on.

      I hope the Monteverde works for you – I have been quite impressed.

      I’ve seen these refillable rollerballs and I think they would be very handy. I’m in the fortunate position where I can use a fountain pen for everything, but if my situation were different I would certainly consider one of those.

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