A Conway Stewart 759 Set in Plum With Black Lines


The 759 is a wartime pen.  It’s a step down in price from the ever-popular 286.  They are the same length but it might be that the 759 is a little narrower – believe it or not, for once I don’t have a 286 to hand to make the comparison.  I think the 286 nib is bigger and the cap has a less pointed top to the clip screw.  Also, whereas the later 286s had a diamond shield on the lever, the 759 has a round one.  The major difference between the two pens, however, is that whereas the 286 is a celluloid pen, the 759 is made from casein, which is shown in the glowing colours with a depth to them, like looking into a placid stream.

IMGP7826 IMGP7829

In this set the 759 is paired with the “Nippy” pencil, which is correct.  They make a handsome pair in their “plum with black lines” livery with gold plated trim.  The box is a little discoloured and shows signs of age but the pink leaf pattern can be clearly seen.
As the years go by it becomes ever more difficult to find Conway Stewart boxed sets in really good condition.  This one is very good indeed, and I think I struck it lucky!

6 thoughts on “A Conway Stewart 759 Set in Plum With Black Lines

  1. What a beautiful Conway Stewart set. Deb, congratulations on this great find.

    Any CS collector would be very happy to have a set like this in the collection.

    Kind regards,


    1. Much as I like the later cigar shaped pens, I’m most fond of the older, straight sided (or actually slightly tapered) pens. That shape combined with this pattern in casein makes for a very elegant pen, to my mind.

  2. It is indeed a beautiful set.

    Just to confirm…the 759 is narrower (by 1-2 mm) than the 286, and because of this, the clip screw is more pointed. The 286 has the bigger No 5 nib, compared to the No 2 found on the 759.

    Well remembered, Deb.

  3. What’s the age of the 759 set?

    I’ve just been very luck with my first vintage CS pen [set]. I managed to get a green set, in lovely condition from a house clearance sale. Curious for more information about it now.

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