An Interlude


I’m sorry but pens have had to take a backseat this last week or so.  The weather has been so good and the garden is in need of attention.  We’ve been planting climbing roses, fuchsias, impatiens and goodness knows what else.  Several shrubs are on the way and the ground needs prepared for them.
Among many other tasks, hubby weather-proofed the garden bench, with the idea that once it dried we could relax there after our many hard labours.  It didn’t work out that way.  My assistant decided that she should test-drive it first.  Having found it to be quite to her taste, she stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.

4 thoughts on “An Interlude

    1. It’s not Hot Chocolate but I can’t remember now what it is. It’s lemon-scented and repeat flowering, and it has been swarming up the side of the garden shed in company with a couple of clematises for several years.

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