Mabie Todd Swan 3172


The Swan 3172 isn’t very common.  Maybe there wasn’t much demand for pastel green in the first place, and I know that it had a short production run, being withdrawn along with the grey self-coloured pens.  This was because they were subject to discoloration, though I suspect that applied to the grey ones more than the pastel green.  This one shows no signs of discoloration.
Each to their own, of course, but I really like the pastel green.  There was also a pastel blue which was offered briefly after the grey was withdrawn.  They make a change from the blacks and the reds, blues, greens and browns so dark that they would be mistaken for black in anything but the strongest light.
Phillips of Oxford have fitted one of their own nibs to this pen, doubtless as a replacement for a damaged original.  Phillips nibs are usually nails but this one isn’t.  The term “superflex” would not be misplaced in describing this nib.  It’s by far the most flexible nib I’ve seen in a post-war Swan.  It’s a glorious thing and I haven’t done justice to it with my scrawl.  Forgive, I’m just not in a writing frame of mind today.


6 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan 3172

  1. I love the pastel green colour, very unusual. It’s certainly a good looking pen. From your writing the nib certainly has a good amount of flex.

  2. Do you have any idea of when this pen was produced. I recently purchased one on ebay that still had the paper band on the barrel for a very good price. I had wanted a Swan for some time and this looked like the correct one for me. Love it!

  3. I have just purchased one of these in super condition apart from needing new sac I have dip tested it and it is a really smooth writer really pleased with it.

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