Chinese Brass


This strange-looking pen turns up frequently in eBay.  My one arrived as part of a lot and was ignored for months but I took a look at it last night.  No name – in fact no writing anywhere except on the nib, and that’s “iridium point Germany” so it’s Chinese.  Not that there was ever any doubt.
It’s a hunk of brass.  The rubber rings are there to provide a better grip and they certainly do.  What can you say about a pen like this?  First and foremost, I suppose, is that it’s ugly, and not in a minor way.  Ugly as guts.  Looking at it might turn you to stone.  Secondly, it’s heavy.  Well, duh!  It’s machined brass; of course it’s heavy!
I mean, look at that.  It’s plumbing, that’s what it is.  It’s really got nothing to do with how a proper fountain pen is made.  The little flat-topped nib seems very out of place on this bloated pseudo-pen.
Now that it has been suitably slagged, there are one or two things to say in its favour.  It’s in perfect condition and it works.  There was a time when I sent pens like this to the landfill but no more.  If they work I list them in the “Bargains” section of the sales site for a peppercorn price and if anyone wants such a pen, there it is.  It might suit someone who has arthritis which makes it difficult for them to use a slender pen.  I have arthritis myself though it isn’t that bad yet, and the hot wax helps – thanks to CC Barton!
If anyone knows which Chinese company makes this piece of superior plumbing and what the thinking behind its extreme oddity is, I’d love to hear about it.


5 thoughts on “Chinese Brass

  1. “…what the thinking behind its extreme oddity is…”

    Do Not attempt to understand; resistance is futile.

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