Lapis Lazuli Duofold Streamline

Months go by without a lapis lazuli pen, then I get two!  This second one is a real beauty, a streamline Duofold.  Forgive the flash photos; time is pressing today.
As if the glorious colour is not enough, how about this nib?  You don’t get many oblique stubs in a pound of Duofolds.
What more needs to be said?  The pen says it all.
Talking of beautiful colourful things, this pair of goldfinches honoured my bird feeder today.
And here’s my assistant, busy as always.



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5 Responses to Lapis Lazuli Duofold Streamline

  1. CC Barton says:

    Gorgeous pen, gorgeous birds (I’ve not seen them with the scarlet heads – stunning) and, of course, gorgeous assistant.

    We had a small birthday party here yesterday for my very handsome feline studio assistant, Jack. He turned the astonishing age of 21…which is the equivalent of 104 in human years. He’s not much use now for any studio responsibilities except to critique my work, for which he still has ready energy.

    • This is only the second time that the goldfinches have visited our feeder. They nest about half a mile along the shore in an area we’ve managed to make protected. Felicitations to Jack! What do cats do when they retire? Even less?

  2. Philip Akin says:

    Cats upon retirement follow the dictum given to them by their parents. Go forth, find a patch of sun and lay in it.

  3. aliikizkaya says:

    Very beautiful assistant. You are lucky.

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