A Copper And Brown Marbled Kingswood


At 12cms capped, this is a shorter than average Kingswood.


It’s also unusual in that it has a single broad cap ring giving the appearance of a narrow/medium/narrow set of rings, something I have occasionally seen elsewhere but not, to my recollection, on a Kingswood.  Posted, it’s a respectable 15cms so it isn’t so short as to be uncomfortable in the hand.  The plating has just about gone from the trim, but that’s usual with these pens.  The rich copper and brown marbled celluloid more than makes up for it.
This pen doesn’t have the usual Eversharp nib but a warranted 14ct nib which may or may not be a replacement.  In any case, it’s a superb nib as the writing sample above shows.
My guess would be that this pen is a product of the Langs factory.  It’s a lovely pen, in appearance as in the pleasure of writing with it.

2 thoughts on “A Copper And Brown Marbled Kingswood

  1. I think it might be a product of the Unique Company. It bears a close resemblance to the Unique Pen of the 1940’s and it is known that they produced pens for other companies. I can’t think of a Lang’s product that it resembles though I’m sure Paul will find it!

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