Ingersoll No 30S

I wrote about English-made Ingersoll pens once before, back here:  That post gives some of the background to these mysterious pens.
This pen appears to have been made later, perhaps the nineteen-fifties, or maybe it’s just the superb condition that makes it appear later than it is. It has the curious mid-cap fitting for the clip, but that gives no clue as it appears from time to time from the nineteen-twenties on.  The chunky section with a decided step harks back to that earlier model.
The rather splendid warranted nib is unusual.  I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that some later Ingersolls were made by Wyvern.  Wyvern had their own nib-making capability and may have made such a nib.
In any case, it’s an attractive and very unusual pen.


Edit:  With thanks to Simon (Waudok)


This picture shows why I think Ingersoll’s were made by Wyvern. The 3 on the left are Ingersolls, the other 5 are all Wyverns. I have quite a few of this model Wyvern in these 5 colours but with different cap band configurations, and also shorter pens. I also have this model as a Kenbar (store pen for Barkers of Kensington), The City Pen from Spooners of Plymouth and some other advertising pens such as Earle’s Cement. I think I also saw one called a Regent pen on the Melbourne Pens site a few years ago.

The model names change over the years, I think the earliest is the Wyvern No 60, Clutch Selfil-Safety, Pat151753, WP Co, London (e.g. the Orange one); the Jade one is a Wyvern No 7N; and the Lapis one is a Wyvern Perfect Pen, No 81. There is also a shorter No 5, and shorter pens with an S instead of the N suffix.

The patent was applied for in 1919 ( and judging from the shape, I would have thought this pen dates to late 20s or 30s.

By the way, the section of your other Ingersoll looks like a Wyvern section to me as well.

Happy new year


6 thoughts on “Ingersoll No 30S

  1. Hi, your two posts on Ingersoll taught me more than I’ve found about this company and their pens to date knew the Ingersoll company that made the “Dollar Watch” produced some interesting pens, including the pens with the “carpet tack” filler plugs.

    It turns out the Ingersoll Watch brand has been resurrected as a retread company owned by a company in China (Hong Kong). The modern Ingersoll (retread) watches look like standard Swiss production modules with outrageous price tags. Wikipedia has an entry on the modern Ingersoll Watch company.

    1. Hi David,
      Ingersoll is the most confusing of companies. I think that a history of the British Ingersoll concern is well overdue.

      I’ve seen these modern Ingersolls advertised. Very disappointing.

  2. Hi there, I was wondering if you could tell me about the clutch filling Wyvern? I have been offered one and wondered what you think a reasonable price would be. It’s a jade colour and seems to be a clip less one with a thin gold ring where the clip is on the models in your picture.
    Thank you

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