Yesterday I fixed up five pens.  Today it was eight.  These are not large numbers, at least not in comparison with what I was doing before I became ill.  The limitation is my legs which get a bit shaky all too soon.  Not surprising, I suppose, as between hospital and gradual recovery at home I wasn’t very active, probably for long enough to lose quite a bit of muscle tone and it will take some time and gradual increase in effort to get that back.  Nothing particularly spectacular among the pens I’ve been fixing – the usual Swans, Conway Stewarts, Watermans, Parkers and the like that people expect from me.  Nice ones among them are a Swan eyedropper (either a 200 or a 1500, memory fails me at the moment) with a flexible broad stub.  There’s a lapis lazuli Parker Junior too, and a splendid rose-marbled Kingswood.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

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