Not long after I began this blog I was diagnosed with a couple of quite serious health issues.  Various treatments have been applied in an effort to stabilise me but they haven’t been entirely successful, though I’m well aware I would no longer be here without them.  This year has been especially difficult and, as I’m sure you will have noticed, I’ve been getting less and less done in this blog and on the sales site.  I haven’t lost interest or run out of things to say.  It’s just that most days such energy as I have is devoted to keeping going.  I saw a consultant yesterday who gives me hope that something may yet be done to improve the situation I am in.

My assistant says she would take over but when she’s finished hunting birds and mice and had a nap or several, there’s not enough left of the day to get anything done.


19 thoughts on “Status

  1. I wish you well, Deborah. Health issues are difficult and take all of your focus, as they should. Your appreciative readers will be here whenever you have the ‘oomph’ to write for us.

  2. Ray T says:
    Yours is the first site I always go to. It’s always amusing and informative.
    So sorry to hear about your health problems and I wish you well for your future

  3. Dear Deb,

    I am very sorry, indeed, to read your comments today. Your blog is the most enjoyable for me because of your biting wit and razor sharp focus on all the ludicrous nonsense that life so needlessly throws onto our path to spoil our enjoyment of each day. Your ability to appreciate these stumbling blocks and creative usage of the King’s English to make your points have brought many smiles to my otherwise grumpy visage over this past year. I will keep you in my thoughts and offer you my most sincere wishes for a speedy recovery. This world needs you and your unique vision!

    With gratitude,

  4. Get well Deb, take your time and focus on you for a change. We your blog readers will be here waiting when you are better. Our thought and best wishes are with you.

  5. dear deb just seen your message today please have no doubts that I and many more folk are thinking of you and pray for a speedy recovery. Hope all will be well with you our prayers are with you

  6. Dear Deb,
    I was shocked and upset to hear that you have not been keeping well. As usual I would open your site everyday to read your blog. I did not imagine that you have not been well.
    I hope you will get better soon. You have been a refreshing source of inspiration for me. Please rest and recover your strength. My good wishes will always be with you.

  7. Dear Deb,
    I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. I’m sending good thoughts from over the pond, and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to reading many more of your excellent blog entries!

  8. Dear Deb,

    some weeks since I did not read your blog and now I read about your health problems, I’m very sorry. If that helps, let me say you that your blog is great, your sense of humour is marvellous, with that spicyness and irony in the best tradition of British humour. Get well.

  9. Hi Deb,

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering from ill health. You are missed…but the main thing is that you get well…soon.

  10. Hi Deb, I have just read your blog – I am so sorry that you are not well
    please look after yourself and I am hoping that by now the specialist has helped you improve in your energy levels.
    We definitely miss you and your interesting words of wisdom. please get better. 😦
    Thinking of you

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