Three Green Demis


There are one or two interesting things about the green Demi.  One is that none of my cameras (and I’ve had a few) could ever capture a green Demi in its true colour which is British Racing Green, near enough.  It always comes out somewhat bluer than that, often almost teal, which is most misleading.

The other great mystery is why a huge majority of a Demis are green.  You see the very occasional black or blue one, hardly ever a red, but the glorious greens are everywhere.  Why’s that then?  Was it a thing in the fifties?  Something everyone knew about, never spoke about and absolutely never wrote down?  Was it something proud mothers instructed their debutante daughters in, very quietly, “Never appear too intelligent, dahling.  Men can’t stand brainy women.  Make sure you always have a spare handkerchief for emergencies.  Oh, and keep a Parker Demi in your purse.  Green, mind.  Never black, red or blue.  They so non-U, dear.”

Or maybe it was a recognition thing.  Bond casually opens his jacket to show the green Demi clipped to his inside pocket (none of that geeky pens-in-the-handkerchief pocket for Bond).  With a scarcely perceptible nod his contact hands over the valise containing the blueprints to the latest Soviet super-reactor.

There’s a lot of green Demis around, anyway.  And I like them.  Very much.

4 thoughts on “Three Green Demis

  1. The problem many times in reproducing the correct colour of objects is that cameras tend to average out many things as well as reflected light from something else around or nearby. Some colours get affect more than others. Taking the picture against a white background in natural light and then adjust the picture’s colour rendition with software like Photoshop until its background is white again should then reproduce the pen’s colour closer to reality. There are white colour balanced light bulbs which also help in getting better colour photos and are normally available from art shops.

  2. I know I’m tardy to the party here, but I’ve picked up a helpful trick meanwhile. At the very edge of your view through the camera, place a sheet of white paper or card. Take the picture, and when you edit it, you can adjust white balance to the white paper. Then, you crop it out, and no one’s the wiser 🙂

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