Wyvern No 60C/38 Pen & Pencil Set

Wyvern produced 60Cs over a long period and they’re not all the same.  Some are slender pens with not much in the way of trim, others are thicker and more opulent.
This one’s quite a large, thick pen and the Greek Key band sets it above the run-of-the-mill pens of the time.  The time, I would guess, is about 1948, going by the clip, and I expect that this pen and pencil set in their hard case would have been quite pricey.  60Cs are usually lever fillers but this one’s a button filler.

Strangely, Wyvern’s Leicester Dragon emblem is nowhere to be seen – not on the barrel, the nib, the box or the instructional papers.  Perhaps Wyvern was going for a clean, uncluttered look.  The large nib is warranted and broad.

The pencil is a Wyvern No 37 and its trim echoes that of the pen.  It has lead and works well.
This is a good set, tastefully presented, and it shows that soon after the war, Wyvern was more than holding its own.  Indeed, judging by the number of post-war Wyverns I see, I think they must have been doing rather well until the ballpoint came along and dealt a killer blow to fountain pen production by this company, like many others.

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