Site Glitches and The Swan L230/63

I’ve been having some glitches with the site.  Nothing dramatic and mostly intermittent, I believe, but unless I have examples to hit her over the head with, the developer refuses to believe there’s anything wrong.  I’d be grateful if those of you who have bought from me could give me some indication about how the functions of the site that I don’t see are working.

Does the site send you a notification when you create an account?

When you make a purchase, does the site send you a confirmation?  I don’t mean a confirmatory email from PayPal or a personal one from me.  It should be an automatically generated site email.

If you lose your password, does the button provided actually do anything?
On to other news: this came this morning.  I haven’t even cleaned it up yet, but it’s too pretty not to write about it immediately.  It once had a number on the base of the barrel but it has worn away.  What would the model number have been?  Well, it’s a Leverless so that’s “L”.


The nib is a Phillips one (Phillips were official repairers for Swan, and Swan stamped nibs “Phillips” for them, but they’re essentially the same nibs) and it’s a No 2 size, so that’s “2”.  The pen has two barrel bands and a band at the top of the cap, making it “3”.  The cap lip is unsupported, so “0”.  Finally, the colour is russet and jade, which is “63”.  So we have an L230/63.
Finally, I note that it has a “stacked coins” pattern on all the bands.
If there’s a more beautiful pen anywhere, I’d love to see it!

6 thoughts on “Site Glitches and The Swan L230/63

  1. All the site features you mentioned have worked fine for me.

    I’m really enjoying the grey marbled Swan received this week, by the way. As it’s my first vintage/flex pen I’ve got some work to do on my penmanship to get the most out if it, but it’s a pleasure to write with right from the off, and I’m really impressed with the clarity of your pen listings and the the service provided.

    1. I went to work on my penmanship many moons ago, and I filled page after page with snatches of poetry and songs – whatever I could remember. It worked; I’m more legible now. I’m glad you find the listings clear. That’s what I aim for, so that people will find the pen they want and be happy with it, rather than take one that looks superficially attractive but doesn’t suit them.

  2. Oh nice to know about the Phillips nib! Thanks a lot for the information 😀
    I have a lovely jade (discoloured) Swallow with a Phillips nib and I was looking high and low for a replacement nib!

    1. You’re welcome! The Phillips nibs are historical replacements and as such are fully acceptable.. They’re quite often firmer than their Swan counterparts, probably because the pens were handed in for repair by exuberant students. A firmer nib usually had a longer life in that situation.

      Any possibility of photos of your Swallow? I presume that it was made in the USA.

  3. Swan (ie Mabie Todd) did not make nibs for Phillips of Oxford. Reg Phillips made his own nibs, using Mabie Todd machinery and a couple of ex-Mabie Todd employees once Mabie Todd discontinued their fountain pen manufacturing activities in 1958.

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