The Swan SM2/58


Here’s yet another of those colourful 1930s Swan Minors. This one’s slightly larger than the last, as it has the No 2 size nib and the whole pen is larger proportionately. The colour code is 58 which doesn’t appear in the FPN list, but I would describe it as green/gold/black. I think it’s quite a rarity – at least I haven’t been aware of it before now.



As ever with these outstanding pens, it will be sold on the website (though not immediately – I have a little work to do on it). I can’t sell it privately. Previously, with pens of this quality several people have wanted it and I have no fair way of deciding who should get it.
I showed it to my assistant but she wasn’t very impressed. “Come back,” she said, “When you have a calico one…”

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