Musing On The Pen Boards

I gave up on Fountain Pen Network after the last round of deletions and suspensions so I have no idea how things are going there.  I cannot find it in me to care, either.  However, I see many of the more knowledgeable and interesting former habitués commenting on other boards now.  Indeed, this diaspora of FPN refugees seems to have reinvigorated some of the other boards.  I have high hopes of better things to come on FPB and FPG.

Talking of FPB and FPG, it is amusing to see David Isaacson, the calm, eminently reasonable and even-handed mod of FPB playing the part of an irritating thirteen year old troll in FPG.  My assistant thinks it’s a total hoot!
For myself, I can take it or leave it…

12 thoughts on “Musing On The Pen Boards

  1. You have more patience than me. I found the ‘block’ function solved this specific problem for me. I can now visit FPG without getting irritated.

    1. Actually, I don’t, Claire. I don’t read that stuff, having seen it on a previous occasion or two before. Mr. Isaacson is pretty much the reason the “ignore” function was created.

  2. I had seen the “fun” David Isaacson had been having in the thread about FPN on FPgeeks, but had missed out on the thread about Scams and Fountain Pens. For someone who flaunts his self-professed capacity for logic and eye for detail so openly he really does misuse his terms in order assert his superiority over others. He should at least look up what a straw man argument actually is before he starts his heckling. I had been thinking about using FPB a lot more but his behaviour is putting me off.

    1. It is thoroughly dreadful drivel, Jonathan, but as Claire suggests you can use the “ignore” function and enjoy a completely Isaacson-free experience in FPG. He does not exhibit that behaviour in FPB. Quite why he should behave in that juvenile fashion anywhere remains a mystery. I suspect some morbid neurosis is at the root of it.

  3. Best case – he is testing boundaries – worse case he is trying to damage another Board.
    I like what someone said on FPG about the ignore function – you can see their mouth flapping, but can’t hear the words. Just how I like him.

    1. He behaved in this way in FPN and Pentrace. Ultimately his presence was no longer required in either group. He still behaves like that in FaceBook. In a pimply teenager this sort of nonsense is annoying but not unexpected. In a mature professional, it’s a little disturbing.

  4. Actually, I found Dr. D. to be the major voice of reason in the thread. People hurl personal insults? He points out that that is a tactic of failure. I rather enjoyed it.

    1. If you hear the voice of reason in Isaacson’s trolling you may need a hearing test. Frankly, I’d seen all I wanted to of that silly nonsense in usenet by about 1985.

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