Mabie Todd Swan SF8

The postie arrived with her usual burden of pens this morning.
This one looks interesting – you don’t often see a Swan repair box.
Pretty big, isn’t ?
That’s a Swan No 8 nib, only the second I’ve ever seen.  It will be a real pleasure to bring this one back to working condition.


8 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan SF8

  1. Nothing in the repair box? A friend gave me a Swan that came in a nice red box as well & apart from the pen, it came with instructions. Wonderful black lever-filler, but the instructions rather came apart in my hands.

    1. I suppose if you’re sending it back for repair you’ve already had the directions and guarantee, so it makes sense that they are not in the repair box. Repair boxes are interesting in their own right. Conway Stewart, for instance, made theirs out of plain uncoloured cardboard with a large staple to hold everything together.

      Instructions often become saturated with ink, and in some cases the ink has dissolved the paper. Tells you something, I think.

  2. Ooohh Deb! i am salivating – a large swan! Any chance the nib has some flex? Any possibility of it going on the sales site?? Been looking and waiting for a large flexible swan as you know for a while…..Paul

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes, that’s The Big One! *I restored it the other day but I have yet to test it. I’ll let you know how the nib performs. I will be putting it up on the sales site at the next upload.

  3. hi deb – been away for a bit – did i miss this on the sales site, or did you decide to keep it?!
    very best wishes, as always

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