Some Interesting Old Pens

I’m having a very busy day, pen-testing and making writing samples.


Thankfully my assistant is helping, as you can see.

There are a few interesting pens for sale in ebay today.  There’s an eyedropper filler called “The Efficient” which the seller suggests might have been made by De La Rue but my guess would be Burge, Warren and Ridgley.  There’s also a solidly well made pen called “The Golden Cockerel” which might be by the same maker.  Finally there’s a pen described by the seller as a “Rare BHR Travelling Eyedropper”.  He suggest that it might have been made by Mabie Todd but I don’t see anything to support that.  Another Burge, Warren and Ridgley?

So a good day for rare old pens.  I’d be after these myself but this week’s purchasing budget has been committed.  So it goes.

2 thoughts on “Some Interesting Old Pens

  1. It’s not obvious which of the assistants is the most helpful, I’m guessing the the one in the white coat? Thank you for introducing this newcomer to a new name, Burge, Warren and Ridgley.
    So much to learn. Although I now have several excellent publications on the subject, this name hasn’t caught my eye yet.

    1. Burge, Warren and Ridgley is a bit esoteric, I have to say, mainly because they went out of business a very long time ago. Very good pens though. I wrote about them on April 6 2012. There is an excellent website devoted to them at There’s also a book, I believe.

      I must confess that my assistant has not worked out as well as I would have hoped. She sleeps a lot and her attention span for pen repair is short, especially if there are birds about.

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