Monday Mailing


I send pens out almost every day but the orders accumulate over the weekend.  Checking which form of overseas postage to use, writing cover letters, getting the packets together – it all takes quite a bit of time and effort and then I have to haul them all to the Post Office.

I’m not a cruel person, as you know.  In fact I’m rather nice, but it does brighten my day when I go into the Post Office with fifteen packets, as today, and I see the Postmistress flinch.

10 thoughts on “Monday Mailing

  1. The part of “our thing ” I detest, packaging up and returning the repaired pens, not because of sending the pens back, the sheer grind of the packaging process ;-).
    Ah Well

    1. Hi Eric,
      I agree. It’s not a pleasant way to spend time, but like everything else, if you develop a method it makes it easier and quicker. I have a step by step method that means I can just about do it with my eyes closed, which means I at least don’t have to think about it.

    1. Hi Martin,
      Yes, it’s nice to clear off a batch like that – that provides the basis for the next lot of new (to me) pens to come in, and who knows what exciting things may turn up!

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