Conway Stewart 84 Rose Marbled With Gold Veins


I like the Conway Stewart 84.  It’s quite a short pen but no thinner than most other Conway Stewarts of the time, so it’s quite comfortable to write with for most people.  Its time was the early fifties to the early sixties and it must have sold extremely well during those years, as it remains one of the most commonly found Conway Stewarts today.
The “rose marble with gold veins” pattern was one that was introduced with the 84, and it makes a beautiful, jewel-like pen.  All the signs indicate that this was a pen for the ladies but, so far as I’m aware, Conway Stewart don’t come right out and say that.  The medium cap band indicates that though the pen is comparatively small, it’s not intended to be an economy model.
The CS4 nib fitted to the 84 is a larger nib than that in some of the bigger models.  This one is semi-flexible.


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