An Unbranded Pen


I don’t usually write about unbranded pens but this one is exceptional.  It’s quite a large and chunky pen at 13.3cm capped.  It’s very well made and the gold plating has lasted well. The green and black celluloid has large blocks of colour like some of the Parker Thrift Pens.  Not that I think it’s a Parker, I don’t, but I do think it’s American.  That cap and fixed clip look American and the section is plastic rather than BHR, though I think the feed is BHR.  The diameter of the feed is greater than is usually found in British pens.
There’s no hint or indication who might have made this pen.  The nib, though it’s a decent size, is warranted.  The tipping material is quite worn from long use and I’ll have to replace the nib.  The barrel and cap are free of any imprint.  The feed is quite sculpted and might be a clue to the pen’s origin.
If any of my US readers can throw any light on this pen’s origin, I would be most grateful.

4 thoughts on “An Unbranded Pen

  1. Interesting pen. I can’t really identify it, but some of the parts are familiar. The clip looks exactly like that of a Waterman Patrician – so does the lever. However, there doesn’t appear to be a lever box enclosing the lever, which Waterman always used (at least until the 1940’s) I don’t really recognize the celluloid color/pattern. Also, I don’t remember seeing a feed like that in any pen. The section could be Waterman.

    Not much help, I’m afraid. My guess is someone quite skilled made the pen up out of spare parts. But that’s just a guess.

    1. Hi Luiz,
      Very pleased to see you here! Your book, The Chronicle of the Fountain Pen, is kept close at hand as my first reference. I’ve wondered about this pen for quite a while, so it’s good to hear at last what it is.

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