Mabie Todd Swan SF 2 (Yet Again)


I’ve written about the Swan SF 2 several times before and I make no apology for doing so again.  They’re among my favourites, big, chunky pens which usually have nibs of character.
My reason for highlighting this one is its remarkable condition.  Ninety years or so on from its date of production and it looks brand new!  A chased pattern as fresh as this gives a lovely textured feel in the hand.  As I’ve said elsewhere, Swan reached a zenith of design and manufacture in the nineteen-twenties.  This pen equals or surpasses just about every other pen made since, except maybe in colour.
The two barrel bands add a touch of prestige to the pen, and closer examination reveals that they are solid gold and hall-marked, so quite a pricey pen in its time.  Was it reserved as a “special” pen and subsequently never used?  We’ll never know, but we can be thankful that we have the opportunity to see an SF2 in the condition it was produced all those years ago.

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