A Green Striped Conway Stewart 36


In 1955 Conway Stewart retired the long-running and very popular 388 and replaced it with the more modern-styled 36, using the same CS5N nib and keeping the dimensions roughly the same.


As well as the hatched pattern the 388 had come in marbled colours and black.  Only the hatched pattern was retained and a lined pattern in several colours was added.

While it may not have reached quite the popularity of its predecessor the 36 seems to have caught on quite well, if the numbers still around today are anything to go by.  Like the 388 it’s quite a slender pen and shorter than some others of this date.  Just the sort of pen to be pushed as a lady’s pen, had it been made by, say, Parker, but Conway Stewart kept that sort of suggestion for the Dinkie range.


The CS5N is one of Conway Stewart’s better nibs.  As it’s quite curved in profile most examples are firm, as is this one.  It’s a medium with a hint of stubbishness about it, which makes it a pleasant pen to write with.


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