Problem With Silicone Sacs

For years now we’ve been in the habit of putting silicone sacs in our most delicately coloured pens. Now, it turns out, they were not silicone at all, but PVC, which, through time, will release a plasticizer that will attack any other plastic it is in contact with.

This comes from David Nishimura (Vintagepens) and he has uploaded a video to YouTube which explains how to test sacs to determine whether they are silicone or PVC. Mark Hoover and David Nishimaura will be producing injection moulded silicone sacs, so there will be an assured supply in the future.

I’ve no doubt there will be more to be said on this subject. I think the hobby is entitled to feel a justified sense of grievance against those who fraudulently sold us PVC sacs under the pretence that they were silicone. Many valuable pens have been put at risk.

David Nishimura never fails to impress. Among all the many luminaries of the fountain pen world, he’s the one person I think of as a true, all-round expert.

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