Parker “17” Super Duofold


Looking around the web, it seems that the Parker 17 appeared in many guises during its ten years of production.

This is a Parker “17” Super Duofold, to be precise, and it’s quite well appointed with its broad gold plated cap band and double jewels. This one was bought by – or for – its first owner on 12th September 1970, so it’s quite a late model. I’ve never had one of these before, though I’ve seen plenty around – they appear to have sold very well – and I’ve enjoyed giving it a test run.


Visually, it’s not quite my style of pen, with its hooded (though otherwise normal) nib. I find with these pens that I have to look closely to see if I’m holding it properly because the hood and nib arrangement is so indeterminate. You always know where you are with an open-nibbed pen. Otherwise, I approve of it. It writes well and it’s light and well-balanced when posted. Using it, I was constantly reminded of the Parker 45.


This example has been well looked after, or perhaps little used. It looks good with the contrast between the gold plating and the very dark blue plastic.

I’m not sure what was the top of the Parker range during this period but despite the use of the Duofold name, I’m fairly sure that it wasn’t this pen. It’s a more than adequate pen, and it’s certainly a better pen than much of what Parker has produced since, but it lacks the feel of quality that, for instance, the Aerometric Duofolds or the Duofold AFs had.


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2 Responses to Parker “17” Super Duofold

  1. adamon says:

    Hi Deb,
    Let me add some informations
    I do believe that name of this pen is Super 17 and the name 17 Super Duofold is reserved for the earlier model with open beak-shaped nib. Super 17 was produced since 1964 till 1972. And at this time the top model of UK Duofolds was Maxima Duofold. Other pens in this line were Junior Duofold and Slimfold. Generally P17 were the lower line of the UK production of Parker. But within this line one can find also pens made in gold (P17 Lady Insignia).
    And of course the top models at this time were Parker 51 and then Parker 75.

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