Pen Prices

Back to buying pens in eBay today for the first time in quite a while. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Sitting there for the last few seconds, finger poised over the mouse button – it’s exciting in a good non-stressful way and paradoxically it’s very relaxing, as I shut the rest of the world out and concentrate on the auction.

Strangely, given how terrible the economy is, prices for unrestored pens seem to be rising. Not quite what you’d expect. You’d think that people suffering the squeeze of the wage freeze or the penury of unemployment would be spending the few pennies they have on Rice Crispies and Baked Beans to keep body and soul together, but no, they’re all in there bidding furiously on a tatty Burnham with a missing clip. Perhaps that’s how Britain will rise again from the double-dip depression, by everyone sitting at home fixing up pens and selling them to those who still have some money left, at home and abroad.

Seriously, though, everyday, ordinary old pens do seem to be enjoying a price rise, and they did at this time last year too. While it’s a little annoying to those of us looking to buy in stock, it’s good for the hobby. If old pens have a decent value they’re less likely to be thrown out or cannibalised for the value of the gold nib.

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