The Shop Door’s Open!

It’s been in planning since April and in development since June. That’s quite a gestation period for a simple little sales website, but it’s ready to go at last! If it ever crosses your mind that you might like a professionally-crafted website, take a look at the bottom right hand corner of mine, note the name and avoid them like the plague! As you know, I’ve had some trouble with those people, she said, using understatement for effect, and though I’ve spent hours checking the operation of the site there are some areas I can’t fully test, so if you come across any glitches drop me an email and I’ll butcher the lot of them have a word with the developers.

Yesterday was a blur of photographing, editing photos, writing descriptions and uploading but looking at the site now I think it will be worth it. There must be around seventy pens there, mostly British, all makes. But why tell you about it when you can go and look for yourself!

9 thoughts on “The Shop Door’s Open!

  1. Deb – Well Done. Despite all your trials and tribulations it’s great to see your site up and running. After a quick look around,I pretty much like like what I see. I am going to look in some more detail and I suspect treat myself to a little something!
    I hope it really works for you, regards,

    1. Thank you, Malcy.

      It’s not a journey I would care to repeat, that’s for sure. There were many times that I despaired that this day would ever arrive, but I’m pleased with the site now and it’s being well received.

  2. Hi Deb, I notice when going to the sign up page that there is no SSL certificate so it’s not secure, really if you’re asking people to type in passwords and personal details the page should be secure so that the information is encrypted when it’s sent…

    1. Hi Ian,
      Reply from the development team: “Your site only needs an SSL certificate if your chosen payment gateway provider stores your clients information, i.e. credit card details.” No payment is taken on my site. That happens on the CardSave site, and they obviously do have that level of security.

  3. Hi Deb

    Congratulations, Nice site and nice pens, I shall call in regularly.

    May I make a couple of suggestions / requests:

    1) Would you make it possible to go from each maker’s page to the others so you don’t have to navigate back via the Pens tab – my interests are so wide that i look at every page

    2) When pens sell, would you leave them up, or in an archive, preferably still with the price. Over time it will build up a substantial reference source for both pens and pricing

    3) Please make it clear when / which pens are newly listed (and maybe an indication when a page was last updated), then I won’t have to look through the entire stock each time I visit


    1. Hi Simon,
      I think your suggestions are good ones but unfortunately I can’t really make changes of that magnitude now. Changing the navigation would mean a virtual rewrite, and I’d have to take the site offline to have it done. On past experience, it would take at least a month with the developers I have.

      I retain all photographs and descriptions, so nothing is lost. For at least the most interesting items, this blog should become some sort of an archive.

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