Encouraging The Workers

As you may imagine, the never-ending delays and the stupid errors that have held back the launch of my sales website for what seems like forever don’t lead to the most friendly of correspondence with the developer. My emails go from reasonable and helpful to tetchy to angry and mildly abusive to full-on, purple-in-the-features rage with insults and death threats.

The contemptible Jugoslav, when he was the “developer” (I use that term advisedly) never responded to my heavy sarcasm and out-and-out insults. He didn’t fix any of his schoolboy errors either, of course. Marija is a bit more feisty and she bites back when I question her honesty, ability and commitment to getting the job done. I admire that. It makes life more interesting.

It doesn’t alter the fact that if she’d been working for me she’d be begging on a street corner by now…

You may say, of course, in your reasonable way, that baiting and insulting the developers is counter-productive. They have no incentive to work well if all they can look forward to are insults and slurs on their paternity. I say in response that I tried reasonable. It was a long while ago but I remember that it was just as ineffective as my present policy but I enjoy this one more. So long as I’m raining curses and invective down on their miserable heads I feel I’m getting some entertainment for my money. It’s not much, but it’s something.

All that having been said the site pretty much works now. A wee bit of adjustment in some minor areas and I should be selling pens.

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