The Golden Guinea Pen

It’s not often you see a true red ripple pattern (as opposed to the other versions of mottled hard rubber) in a pen that isn’t a Waterman, but here’s one. It’s a 1920s or possibly 1930s Golden Guinea, and in case you were in any doubt, yes, the name does refer to the price.

Was it worth the money? It’s the simplest type of pen, two tubes that fit one inside the other.


The steeply tapered BHR section makes me think this pen is from the twenties rather than later. The feed is about as simple as they come.

The barrel end is threaded to take the posted cap – in itself an indication of a low-priced pen usually. The nib is very small (and exceptionally flexible) and the broad cap band has thin plating that shows considerable wear. If you consider that in 1926 a Conway Stewart 200M in Mottled Hard Rubber (an altogether better quality pen) cost 10/6d, exactly half the price of the Golden Guinea, you might be forgiven for having doubts. Be that as it may, this model and later ones, some of them very beautiful, kept Golden Guinea in business for quite a few years. There were both lever and button fillers in hard rubber and later in celluloid.

Who made them? I confess to remaining clueless about this one. There’s very little documentation. I’ve seen it suggested somewhere that they were made by Conway Stewart but I’ve seen no evidence to that effect and, frankly, given the quality of these pens, it would surprise me. Wyvern or Mentmore would seem more likely, but in truth it could be any one of half-a-dozen known pen makers, or, for all I know, there might have been a Golden Guinea company that made them in-house.

Another mystery pen, then, and a rather beautiful one!

2 thoughts on “The Golden Guinea Pen

  1. i also have a golden guinea pen of which i cant find much except people saying they cant find much.but i digress Can anybody tell me about an english pen made by the voss pen email is thanks

    1. Golden Guinea was probably made by Mentmore, though I can’t be absolutely certain of that. Though the Voss Pen Co seems to have been around for quite a while, I have been unable to find any information about it. No-one else seems to have been successful either.

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