The Rubinette Button-Filler


It’s always been my aim to get a set of all the herringbone pattern colours that Conway Stewart used for their late fifties/early sixties pens. I’ll probably never achieve that but I found a herringbone celluloid that they didn’t use: this beautiful gold-coloured Rubinette button filler.


I have yet to restore this pen, but it’s a lovely piece as it is. The clip and cap ring are patterned and the mount for the button is made of clear plastic. Searching for Rubinette didn’t help me much. It’s a variety of apple and there’s a Rubinette Way in Winchester. Oh, and it’s a seldom-used synonym for “ruby”. Nothing about pens.


So if you know anything about the Rubinette, please share the wisdom!

On another topic, ink’s a useful substance in the bottle or the pen or on paper but anywhere else it’s a messy nuisance. Handling pens all day as I do, there are plenty of opportunities to get inked, so I glove up to work on pens and even to do writing samples. Now, it seems, I need to put on gloves to open the mail:


Please, please drain and flush pens before sending them out…

6 thoughts on “The Rubinette Button-Filler

  1. Hi Deb,
    I think that pen may be mainland European origin, the clip is familiar to the German/Czech style, does the pen have a concertina sac, often seen with a clear? button, in which case it may be French origin ? Czech pens in particular had some very interesting celluloid patterns and colours.
    I have a Rubidor *pen*, Made in Germany from 1951, a ball point, piston filler that uses fountain pen ink, very nice red striped celluloid.

    1. That’s interesting, Eric. I haven’t even got the length of stripping it down yet but I’ll report back when I do. Seeing the “585” on the nib, which is rarely on British pens, I wondered if it might be French.

      I’m working through a pile of restored pens writing descriptions and taking photographs. The first rough version of my sales website is due today. I hope it won’t need too much amendment so that we can go live quite soon, and I need to have the stock ready for that!

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