Summit S100 Cadet

This rose marbled pattern plastic is, I think, unique to Summit. I’ve seen somewhat similar patterns on Stephens pens and on some Parkettes, but they don’t have the intensity of this colour. It almost glows in the dark like the slumbering embers of a rested fire.


After World War II the S100 became the S100 Cadet Model and I think it’s reasonable to assume that this pen was aimed at the school pupil market. That doesn’t imply a decline in quality; this is still a well-made pen, crafted with attention to detail.


The 14ct gold nib is marked “Cadet” now to match the pen. Compared with the more streamlined pens being produced by Conway Stewart at this date, or the hooded-nib Mentmores, the Cadet may be regarded as conservative – and justly so. A case can be made for conservatism in pen design. Streamlining is purely aesthetic; it confers no practical benefit on the writer. Mentmore’s hooded nib was just an ordinary small nib enclosed in plastic, unlike the Parker 51 it emulated which at least had a redesigned ink delivery system to justify its shape. It might be said that sticking with the tried and tested traditional pen shape gave the owner a better writing instrument.

Certainly, enough of them sold for Cadets to be quite plentiful still, though not all are in this glorious colour. This example has survived in near-perfect condition and it’s a comfortable and well-balanced pen in the hand. It writes well with a consistent medium line.

2 thoughts on “Summit S100 Cadet

  1. Hi Deb,
    One of my favorite pens out of the Summit range. And you did the blog on my Birthday. Thank you.

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