Apologies for the absence…

I probably should have posted this sooner, but I apologise if anyone has tried to reach me in the last week. I have been unable to reply because my husband is in hospital 110 miles from home, and I’m down here with him. He is on the mend, mostly, and we hope he will be released tomorrow after he has a dialysis session here.

The email account that lives on my laptop is not the Goodwriters account, which is on an email client on the PC at home… and I can’t remember the email password so I can’t even get there through webmail! So I have been unable to see anything new coming in since early last week. If you have tried to contact me, please forgive what might be a very late reply. Thank you for your understanding.


6 thoughts on “Apologies for the absence…

  1. Deb, Family Always comes first! Take care of yourselves and sending a prayer your way. You both always have my best wishes.

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