A Brown Leather Portfolio Folder

First, I should make it clear that I was given this portfolio folder by the company, LeatherNEO, for the purpose of review. I will describe it as fairly as I can. I don’t normally do this kind of thing as the items I am offered are not usually very relevant to this blog. I think this is an exception.

When I was employed I always carried a valise or portfolio folder (never a briefcase!) in preparation for meetings, and I even took work home sometimes – imagine! The document holders I had then bore little resemblance to the present article. The leather is supple and smells wonderful, reminding me of the better class of shoe shop (where did they go?) or a splendid shop entirely devoted to leather where I once bought a very dressy leather jacket. If I used this folio holder for meetings I would draw attention to myself by constantly sniffing its delightful aroma!

It’s a well-designed folio holder with fittings for an A4 pad and a couple of pens or pencils. There are other large compartments for other papers you might require, together with pockets for credit cards and business cards. It seems very adaptable and there’s an endless variety of ways it could be used. All can be personalised.

The stitching looks good and will be very strong. My one minor quibble is over the use of Velcro for fastening. I have had little experience of Velcro and I wonder how durable it is compared with press-stud closure. It may, of course, last very well and may put less strain on the leather.

LeatherNEO make many varieties of portfolio holder and I probably could have found one with a press-stud. There are far too many useful and attractive products for me to list them here. The link is: https://www.leatherneo.com/

There are many items for those of us who write. Their journals and pen wraps are very tempting. There are so many ways of organising one’s materials and LeatherNEO seems to have thought of them all.

Have a look anyway. Even if you’re not tempted to buy, you can dream on all that gorgeous leather!


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