Boots “Dorothy”

Boots the Chemist provided us with lots of excellent pens over the years, most notably by Burnham and De La Rue. The De La Rue versions especially, are very fine pens with outstanding nibs.

This is probably the earliest pen, the “Dorothy”. I don’t know who made it – perhaps De La Rue?

It’s a typical early twentieth century eyedropper filler. The feed is of the over-and-under type.

I seem to have a vague memory of the “Dorothy” pen but we haven’t discussed it here before and I can’t find it in my notes. I think it just fell out of my head like so much else.

Thanks to Mario Kaouklis


2 thoughts on “Boots “Dorothy”

  1. Hi Deb,
    Occasionally you come across a DIY repair that makes you almost want to weep. At some point in the past the O/U feed snapped and although you can’t see from the photo the owner crammed the broken pieces into the section to jam the nib in place. I’ve removed the nib and the wire (which as you know should project from the other end into the barrel), and the pieces of broken feed almost seem to have been glued into place ???? There is also a hairline on the section which looks as if it could give at any time. I suppose the pen was considered of limited value and the botched job was probably intended to make it usable for a little longer (reminds me of my DIY car repairs back in the 70s!).
    If this were an ordinary eyedropper I’d probably just throw it into the spares box, but the early Boots association makes it special to me and worth the effort to try to repair it. Sadly, because they’re so fragile, spare O/U feeds are so hard to come by, but I’m sure I still have a couple somewhere.

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