A Bonzo Box

I wrote about the Bonzo pen once before. The search box above right will find it. On that occasion I had the pen but no box. Rob Parsons has kindly given me photos of a box in superb condition.

There isn’t much humour in pen world advertising and presentation. These humorous Bonzo images in brilliant colours provide exceptional light relief.

Some Swan and Onoto advertisemnts are funny and Conway Stewart’s “Speedy Phil” image is a light-hearted one. I’m sure there are many more but I can think of none quite as bright and cheerful as Bonzo.

In contrast to the box, the Bonzo is a serious pen, elegant and well made with its inserted clip (though actually the one illustrated on the box is earlier and has an accommodation clip) . It is certainly the best pen that Mentmore produced during that period.


4 thoughts on “A Bonzo Box

  1. seeing the picture of the Bonzo Pen box reminded me that I have a Bonzo Pen – some where – i have searched hi and lo but still haven’t found it!…typical!…….

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