Open for Business

The Goodwriters Pens sales site is back open again! The web admin installed ‘Honey Pot’, an add-on that helps to identify false accounts, and further, my brilliant friend Brenda went through the settings to try to identify as many indicators of fake accounts as possible, as well as working some of her other magic so that hopefully I won’t have to spend an entire morning deleting 3300+ fake accounts ever again.

For customers (both current and future), this was not a site ‘hack’ in the sense that any data was breached. It was a spambot creating thousands of accounts over the course of a few hours, flooding the site. I believe they do try to find a way in but just by creating an account there’s not much they can do, unless the spambot would like to buy a nice vintage fountain pen.

I’m very glad that normal business can resume!


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